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Geoff Daniel is a radical gardener on a

mission to replace the industrial food systems with healthy local food communities by growing plants as close to the way nature intended.

At Wood & Water Market Garden he grows vegetables without any chemicals or GMO’s, and as little plastic and machinery as possible. Using a combination of no-till methods, bio-intensive companion planting, and fertilizers made from wild harvested local plants, he sows seeds with the cycles of the zodiac to honor the connection between

Mother Earth and the Celestial.

"I believe we can nourish everyone with a  large amount of small gardens rather than a small amount of large farms. A strong local gardening community can be our healthcare and education system; easily replacing a system of corrupt organizations keeping our loved ones dumb, diseased, and in economic slavery."

No-till Farmer's Market

I can talk about soil, gardening, and nature until the cows come home.

I would love to answer any questions you may have! 

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