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    Many synthetic chemical fertilizers are inorganic by-products of the petroleum industry. They runoff into the waterways throwing the natural ecosystem out of balance. This is a vicious cycle on a downwards spiral.

The use of kill chemicals (herbicides and pesticides) transfers to the end users. Constant dosage of herbicides and pesticides over an extended period of time is proven to be detrimental to all life, in more ways than one.

Goodbye bees, goodbye hormones.


    Just as the layers of organic matter that fall each year fertilize the forest, the layers of compost added to a garden mimic the process and feed the vegetables planted. Adding components to the compost such as kelp and crab meal and dynamic accumulators such as comfrey and burdock will make a nutrient rich compost that will feed the soil and vegetables all they need.

    Rotating a variety of vegetables and herbs that use and leave behind different nutrients is not only a great way of maintaining fruitful soil, it also can reduce pest problems.

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