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       Plants are genetically modified to withstand the problems created by the profit over planet method of modern chemical mono-crop agriculture; drought, barren soil, and proliferation of “pests” and “weeds”. GMOs are not meant to “feed the planet”, they are meant to make large chemical and bio-engineering corporations money by patenting seeds, poisoning the ecosystem, and putting farmers into economic slavery.

Not to mention studies are coming out confirming GMO plants are a hazard to human health.


     Growing a diverse variety of crops supports a diverse variety of “pests” and “weeds” that keep their own populations in check. This process supports pollinators that are killed by the chemicals sprayed on GMO crops. When a farmer saves a seed he saves money that can be reinvested into a farm that supports the ecosystem rather than a company that supports profits.

Vegetables that have not been genetically modified are also free from many of the adverse effects that studies are revealing such as: toxicity, allergic reactions, antibiotic resistance, immuno-suppression, cancer, and loss of nutrition.

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